Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Teasing, tasting your desire upon their lips,
 moaning, gasping, reaching for their hips.
 Biting, nipping, asking them for more,
Softly saying in their ear "I'm your willing little whore.."

 Gripping, tensing as your pleasure builds in between your thighs
 Whimpering,pleading, begging to cum between your sighs.
Screaming, panting as you feel yourself shake,
Looking them in the eyes as the barrier starts to break.
Smiling, shivering as your orgasm starts to unfurl,
 your muscles tightening around his cock, as your fingers start to curl..
around his shoulders, nails biting deep into his skin,
He moans aloud as he too cums, filling you within.

You lay there sated, purring, marks showing on your breasts,
 from his teeth, his hand,the wax and cane,the pinwheel on your chest.
The red marks across your thighs and arse, easy to be seen
 a map of his love, his touch, his pleasure,the paths of where he's been...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

What is sex?

To you, I mean. What does it mean for you? For some it is as simple as an animal driven desire, an urge that needs to be filled, an itch to scratch. To others it's a connection, a way to show love for the person they are with. What does sex mean to me? Well, it means a lot of things. But I'm a complicated girl. Sex is a pleasure, something I enjoy and depending the circumstance it can mean many a thing. With a partner sex has many roles for me; a way to be close to them, a connection between the two of us, fulfilling a desire they give me. Then there is sexual tension lust filled pure fucking, the type you have with someone who sets a fire burning deep in your stomach that creeps between your thighs as you look at them, but you know it is purely a sex based thing for you, not the base of a relationship. The type of sex that leaves you sated, aching and breathless. I'm not saying you can;t get the same sex in a relationship but this type just feels different. Some people use sex as a way of being "liked". They feel that as a person they have nothing to offer but in the bedroom. Others use it as a reward, or a weapon. Sex is a weird thing really. But so enjoyable. It is such as expansive thing, and there is always new ways and techniques you can learn, but to me there is one key point. It should always be enjoyed, never feared. Is there such a thing as bad sex? Oh, hell yes! Do I regret the bad sex? No, it taught me to be more particular, to be vocal and when the guy is going hell for leather but missing the spot, I learnt to kick them off and finish myself off, but that is another story for another day...

Saturday, 5 January 2013

What's your role?

So, I was all set to write a blog about my desire for Wax play when I was asked again to be a Domme last night. It seems a few people see me in this kind of role and it got me thinking, are we as we seem or are labels handed out in the kink world and world of sex far too easily?

I'm often told I would make a great Dominatrix, because of how I look. People Picture me in latex and fuck me shoes, welding a whip and barking at subs or slaves, telling them how good or bad they are. Honestly? I'm not a Domme, I'm not a true Sub either. Does this make me a switch? I considered this too. My head reeled with labels after this. Am I a sadist, as I like to degrade or get pleasure from certain aspects of degrading during sex? No. Am I a masochist as I like being controlled with some pain and such? Again, I don't think so. There are so many boxes and labels people use these days, it's easy to wonder if and where you really fit in an erotic/kink/fetish kind of world. It was such thoughts actually, that made me pull away from many outlets and groups of wonderful people last year. I started to consider that if I was none of the "usual labels" then maybe it meant I was trying to be where I didn't belong, where I wasn't welcomed. So who am I? I guess I'm a little of most labels rolled into one.
I'm an exhibitionist; I love people getting pleasure from pictures of me.
I'm a switch; giving and receiving pleasure and pain are major things for me. Tie me down and spank me or let me leave you with marks and signs of me desire, either way I'm happy.
I'm Curious; suggest things to me, plant seeds in my mind and let them grow.
Overall, I'm just filth. But we knew that anyway..

Whatever you do, don't try and box me.. Unless it's a fantasy of mine of course

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I feel like I owe my blog, as much as anyone else an apology. Blog, I have negelected you, and by neglecting you, I have neglected my erotica/kink side. This is a bad thing, no as in "ooh yeah that's bad, baby" kind of bad but as in the "I'm neglecting what makes me, me" kind of bad. And it needs to be rectified.

When I say rectified, I don't mean the knickers are gone, the legs are open and I'm a free ride. I want to go back to basics, learn what I find a turn on, what likes and dislikes I have. Part of this exploring is done through my writing. Seriously, the more turned on I get thinking over and writing a piece, the more likely I am to go "Ooh, you know what, I really wanna try this".

To me, sex is a pleasure, a major love and desire of mine. I like talking kink and erotica, learning what people enjoy and such. Exploring, for me, is something I want to do a lot more of this year. I know what I enjoy to a degree, but pushing the boundaries more really appeals. People do new year resolutions, me? I do mini goals and challenges.

So, from a sexual/erotica side of things, what does 2013 mean for me?
  1. Get to know my body. I mean really know it. I know what to do to get excited, get me off and get me going, but I've never pushed myself to the limits.
  2. Explore more, try different kinks and fetishes. It's never a bad thing to add pleasures to your lists
  3. Spend more time with fellow erotic and sexual beings, I became really reclusive in 2012, no more though.
  4. Write more. I have so many ideas bursting inside my smut filled mind, I may as well set them free.
Who knows, the odd Sinful Sunday post might appear too.. It's not like I'm short on lingerie or anything....

I hope you started your New Years as you mean to go on. Much love to you all.