Saturday, 5 January 2013

What's your role?

So, I was all set to write a blog about my desire for Wax play when I was asked again to be a Domme last night. It seems a few people see me in this kind of role and it got me thinking, are we as we seem or are labels handed out in the kink world and world of sex far too easily?

I'm often told I would make a great Dominatrix, because of how I look. People Picture me in latex and fuck me shoes, welding a whip and barking at subs or slaves, telling them how good or bad they are. Honestly? I'm not a Domme, I'm not a true Sub either. Does this make me a switch? I considered this too. My head reeled with labels after this. Am I a sadist, as I like to degrade or get pleasure from certain aspects of degrading during sex? No. Am I a masochist as I like being controlled with some pain and such? Again, I don't think so. There are so many boxes and labels people use these days, it's easy to wonder if and where you really fit in an erotic/kink/fetish kind of world. It was such thoughts actually, that made me pull away from many outlets and groups of wonderful people last year. I started to consider that if I was none of the "usual labels" then maybe it meant I was trying to be where I didn't belong, where I wasn't welcomed. So who am I? I guess I'm a little of most labels rolled into one.
I'm an exhibitionist; I love people getting pleasure from pictures of me.
I'm a switch; giving and receiving pleasure and pain are major things for me. Tie me down and spank me or let me leave you with marks and signs of me desire, either way I'm happy.
I'm Curious; suggest things to me, plant seeds in my mind and let them grow.
Overall, I'm just filth. But we knew that anyway..

Whatever you do, don't try and box me.. Unless it's a fantasy of mine of course


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who rebels at the thought of being labelled one thing or another. One day I like to be in charge, ordering G to undress and stand naked in front of me for my pleasure. The next I'm bending over taking whatever she wants to give me!

    Labels take the fun and mystique out of kink. Superbly written post, by the way, you're inspiring me to examine myself more closely on my own blog again.

    O x

    1. Labeling in any part of life, isn't a good thing. I hate being made to feel I should "belong" instead of being me.

      The fact I may be inspiring you is such a compliment, thank you honey! xxx

  2. This is such a relatable post...I like to consider at length where I fit in on the spectrum, and similarly cannot. And, as O above said, in the end I'm not comfortable in a single circumscribed role.

    Thank you for such a good post.

    xx Simone

    1. You're more than welcome, thank you for taking the time to read it. I think it's something you see more of these days too, people who are sick of having to conform to one thing or another xx

  3. Awesome post, easy to relate to.

    The last two sentences caught my attention particularly.